Sunday, August 30, 2009

hey you

life is not that serious.

lets take humour more seriously.

isn't life is a big joke?

Friday, August 28, 2009

me likey

onitsuka tiger

Oh god. I love it.
But I dare not to buy and wear it.
Hurts my heart to wear and make it dirty.

But the shoes sure look damn trendy.
Okay, I'm gonna getchoo later dear.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

highly recommended

"A devastating,masterful and painfully honest story", Daily Telegraph

"Unforgettable and extraordinary. It is so powerful that for a long time after, everything I read seemed bland", Isabel Allende

"Shattering, devastating and inspiring", Observer

"Mr. Khaled Hosseini, is it true that in Malaysia, they use kites to catch fish?", Ezzad Abu Bakar

Saturday, August 22, 2009


According to ,

I have 513 friends, 393 more than average.
63% are male, 37% are female.
225 are single, 126 are dating or married.

If I contracted a deadly variant of flu, I would likely infect 13 people, 2 of whom would ...die.

When I share something on Facebook, it is typically viewed by 31 people.

If I died today, an estimated 556 people would try to attend my funeral.

Based on my Facebook profile, I have a 93% probability of getting married.

I am likely to earn US$2.7 million and have 2.5 children over my lifetime.


copy paste from muni's blog

you know you're an architecture student when... know the janitors by name.
...your roommates say "good morning," and you reply "good night." carry a toothbrush in your backpack.
...someone asks you for your phone number and you give them the studios. start paying rent for your desk space in studio.
...You total up 3 meals of the day to your breakfast.
...'Red Bull' is you favorite drink.
...after all of your expenses, you can't afford to pay attention have 3 or more cups of double shot coffee espressos in one night hear the same song on the radio 3 or more times in one night.
... You know the different taste between UHU and Pritt glue
...You can stay alive without sunlight, communicate with people nor having foods but you would commit suicide if the plotter doesn't plot your work out
...the only sleep you get is in your G. E. classes.
...You've lost your house key and u realized week later sleep more than 16 hrs at weekends
...u dance madly at 3 am though u aren't drunk note smt with yr drafting pen or yoken
... You are an expert and Photoshop, illustrator and auto cad but u don't know how to use MS excel've got 2 subjects / day but u got to study it whole day spend more time in studio than in your own bed.
...your parents are complaining that you're not having enough fun. only leave studio to buy supplies. haven't taken a shower in a week. see showering as a waste of time.'ve ever dreamt about your models.
...upon hearing 'supermodel', you think of a nicely crafted-foam core model.
...your parents have more of a social life than you.
...your 14-year-old brother has more of a social life than you. consider using broccoli for your models. enjoy hanging out at 'Home and Garden Fair'. know all the 24-hour food places in the area.
...your friends get more sleep in one night than you do in one week.
...the streetlights turn off.
...You consider 3AM an early night.
...when you are out at 3AM, and people knows where you're at.
...everything you eat comes in single serving baggies.'re out on Friday nights in studio.
...the only building on campus with its lights on is your studios'. say "It's only midnight- I have plenty of time to finish." confuse sunrise with sunset. ask what time it is, then ask "AM or PM?" strangle your roommate because she said she stayed up late studying.
...your Friday night is 68 hours long. slice your finger, and the first thing you think of is if you'll be able to finish your model. understand why architects have glasses and white hair. can listen to all your CD's in one night.
...certain songs remind you of studio. change the style of music to country coz u r fed up with POP
...Sister's favorite brand names are Prada DNKY etc
... But yours are Mastex, Staedtler, pentel, rotring dare not to have a gf/bf coz no one can accept for what u are can conceptually compose the food on your plate. think the 'Weekender' happens every weekend.
...upon hearing 'Weekends' you think of sleep.
...the 'Shop Cafe' closes when you arrive, and reopens before you leave studio. have to wait for breakfast shops to open. go to the food shop, and order the "usual", and they understand. use architecture tools to eat. only buy groceries once a month. wake up to go to school and you're already there. start wearing all black. have no life, and admit it. . start to critique a radio selection's selection of songs. bring your friends to studio to keep you company. refer to outside studio as the "Real World."
..."going out to eat" is at the 'Shop Cafe'.
...going on a vacation involves going to 'Flax' or 'Pearl'. confuse today and tomorrow. tell time by when other people leave studio. can write a 6-page term paper by procrastinating. hear "Didn't you wear that yesterday?' followed by "and the day before that?"
...your roommate files a Missing Person Report. count the number of days (not hours) you've been awake. think days are 48 hours long. go to the store to buy a six-pack of 'Red Bull'.
..."Homecoming" happens once a term.
...on Halloween, you dress like your instructors.
...on Halloween you trick-or-treat in studio to get arch supplies or 'Red Bull.'
..."respect", "coolness', and "hatred" are all based on how much sleep you get, or lack of. see your own picture on a milk carton. start using words your instructor uses.
...your bed has collected a layer of dust on it.
...concept of time is not forward, but a countdown from the time a project is due ("What time is it?""4 hours 'till"). contemplate suicide 3 times a day. contemplate dropping your major 3 times a day. have a tent pitched in studio, but still don't go to sleep.
...doing models all night long excites you. know the people in the studio better then your roommates
...Drimmels are a lifelong investment, if you can keep the parts.
...Gesso is pointless.
...X-acto knives can be dangerous... as we all know or will find out.
...Beer pyramids AND Red Bull pyramids are some of our late-night late projects.
...Elmer's glue doesn't dry quick -- not even close.
...They know the phrase "Always done, never done" all too well and wish the professors would stop saying it
...They can always have more construction lines.
...They know the number and price of their favorite item in the snack machine downstairs, as well as every other item and all the drinks in the other two machines.
...they believe they should be paid just for having the major drink more in studio than you do when you're out have sent messages on aim to another jackass architecture student in the same room as you are don't find out who wins the Presidential Election until Thanksgiving Break, if you get one at all. use your T-square or straight edge as a baseball bat..
...the day has 2 sunrises.. test which glue will cause your model to burn faster..
...when you tell people you major in "architorture"

Tuesday, August 18, 2009


dedicated to mitcha (bukan nama sebenar), the noor of our family eyes.

pak cu eyyad ayu bayar yindu ame mitcha (uweek~)

Friday, August 14, 2009

menggila vavi

kronologi hari yang best (menjadikan ekonomi aku merudum) tak dok pitihh daa~

membeli ticket balik mid sem break dan ticket balik raya untuk aku dan mat kool dari shalam ke jb- rm136.00
ombak laundry (5.8 kg)- rm9.50
pattaya dan milo ais gelas besar di foodcourt ole-ole- rm7.00
movie terbaik tahun ini (g.i joe)- rm12.00
mcD bic mac large set- rm10.10
mcD beef burger ala carte- rm3.00
sundae chocotop- rm1.60
pergi ke rumah Iqbal dan berjumpa dengan parent dan adik2 dia sambil melihat gambar2 trip emak nya di uk dan di belanja makan lagi 2 medium size pizza oleh parent beliau- priceless

(terpaksa membuka butang seluar bagi memberi ruang yang lebih untuk pizza dan coke pulak)

muni hoy hoy.

The rules:
• Write ten (10) interesting facts about the person who gave you this award.
• Jot down ten (10) interesting facts about yourself or your hobbies.
• Pick your five (5) most deserving recipients and describe them.
• Leave a comment on the recipients’ blog to tell them they’ve been tagged.

10 interesting facts about Muni Azida Azmi

1. ada obesiti...tak2,ada obsesi terhadap seorang mamat bernama iqbal yusoff
2. juga mempunyai obsesi terhadap pasukan man U yang tak sebeberapa itu
3. suka cakap dia gemuk, walaupun tak sangat (ya,anda tidak gemuk pon (serious)). Kurus sangat pon kan tak lawa.
4. berkuasa veto bila berlaku nya pernganjingan dan tak kan kalah dalam sesuatu argument (tentang apa-apa sahaja). diulangi dan ditekankan di sini, beliau tidak akan kalah. hebat bukan?
5. dengar khabar beliau kurus sebab masuk silat.
6. ada asma.(interesting facts jugak la kn?)
7. tinggi semasa kecil (semasa kecil aja lah)
8. juga dengar nya sangat aktif ketika kecil. masuk segala mak nenek koko yang ada (dan hanya ketika kecil sahaja lah)
9. pemain volleyball intec (kalian! ombaaakk~)
10. penulis yang prolifik (terutamanya dalam bahasa inggeris)

10 facts about Ezzad Abu Bakar

1. gemuk, pendek dan putih. makan orang.
2. jika ada acara olimpik tulisan terburuk, mungkin akan dapat rekod pemenang pingat emas paling banyak sepanjang zaman.

"tulisan ngalahkan doktor" -blog pachy- (sikit pon tak terasa =D)
"nak kata tulisan buruk sebab tak ada siku, ada siku, panjang lagi",ujar mak tem (guru bahasa melayu di samura) sambil disertai hilaian tawa kelas 5 Tegas.
selalu nya, markah physics dan statistics akan naik sekentut dua bila di check balik. (miss siti dan madam hezlin tak dapat baca apa yang cuba aku utarakan)

3. suka sangat mcD punya big mac.
4. couple, dewa, coldplay, dan yuna.
5. obsesi yang mendalam terhadap kasut. kalau dah besar ada impian nak ada label clothing sendiri. mungkin berkoloborasi bersama mimi dan teddy.
6. nak sangat beli ;
a) macbook pro 13
b) camera dslr. mungkin nikon D60 saja.
c) iPod bila dah ada macbook.

7. suka berpuasa sebab suka nak buka puasa meriah-meriah (tak lari niat puasa kan?)
8. seorang yang memilih bila makan (tempat,makanan). makan pon lambat jugak.
9. hitam dan putih.kalau perlu dipilih,pilih putih (walaupun dia tak putih sangat)
10. suka buat aktiviti ramai-ramai dengan kawan-kawan. (tak suka sorang-sorang)

5 most deserving recipients.

1. teddy- yang dulu loaded tapi sekarang kurang loaded.
2. ijah ijah ijah- suruh panggil nur hafizah, bukan ijah
3. mimi- bercita-cita mahu membela lipas 1 hari nanti
4. kat muni balek- dia pakai laptop dell (yang lain2 dah describe kat atas tadi)
5. nebibah- also known as nebbobotamus
6. nak tambah 1 lagi, arief- mahaguru dalam music2 dari indie band uk

Sunday, August 9, 2009

pro 13

mahu yang ini sahaja. tak nak yang lain lagi dah.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

architecture, the most scientific art and the most artistic science